Dr. Mónica H. Pérez-Temprano


Group Leader:

Mónica H. Pérez –Temprano

Administrative Support: 

María José Gutiérrez

Postdoctoral Researchers:

Sara Martínez

PhD Students:

Jesús San José / Angel Luís Mudarra / Sara López (since April)

Master Students:

Carlota Odena Juan (until August) / Clara Velasco Martínez (since October)

Summer Fellow:

Sergio Barranco (June – Sep.)

Visiting Professor:

Anat Milo (May)

Visiting Researcher:

Oleksandra Trofymchuk (Feb. – Mar.)

Visiting Students:

Helena del Campo Serrano (Feb. – May) / Marc San José (June – July) / Zayed Alassad (Sep. – Oct.)


The group of Dr. Pérez-Temprano is focused on the development of new synthetic catalytic methods with cobalt through detailed knowledge of the catalytic process. To develop their research projects, they apply different approaches, from synthetic organic chemistry to mechanical studies, including the capture of highly reactive reaction intermediates.



‘Unravelling Molecular Aspects of the Migratory Insertion Step in Cp*CoIII Metallacyclic Systems’
Sanjosé-Orduna, J.; Benet-Buchholz, J.; Pérez-Temprano, M. H.
Inorg. Chem. 2019, 58 (16), 10569-10577

‘Sustainable knowledge‐driven approaches in transition metal‐catalyzed transformations’
Sanjosé-Orduna, J.; Mudarra, A. L.; Martínez de Salinas, S.; Perez-Temprano, M. H.
ChemSusChem 2019, 12, 2882-2897

‘Nucleophilic Trifluoromethylation Reactions Involving Copper(I) Species: From Organometallic Insights to Scope’
Mudarra, A. L.; Martínez de Salinas, S.; Pérez-Temprano, M. H.
Synthesis 2019, 51 (14), 2809-2820

‘Exploring the role of coinage metallates in trifluoromethylation: a combined experimental and theoretical study’
Martínez de Salinas, S.; Mudarra, A. L.; Odena, C.; Martínez Belmonte, M.; Benet-Buchholz, J.; Maseras, F.; Perez-Temprano, M. H.
Chem. Eur. J 2019, 25 (40), 9390-9394

‘Beyond the traditional roles of Ag in catalysis: the transmetalating ability of organosilver(I) species in Pd-catalysed reactions’
Mudarra, A. L.; Martínez-de-Salinas, S.; Pérez-Temprano, M. H.
Org. Biomol. Chem. 2019, 17, 1655-1667



Alternatives to Traditional Cross-Coupling Reactions to promote C-C Bond Formation: Investigation of Bimetallic Systems and Cobalt Catalysis
Ministerio | Ref: CTQ2016-79942-P

C-H Activation in Organic Synthesis
COST-European Cooperation in Science and Technology | Ref: EU Cost Action 15106

Small molecules activation: From climate change responsible to sustainable and renewable feedstock
Ministerio | Ref: EUIN2017-87980

ICIQ-Starting Career Programme
Ministerio, Severo Ochoa | Ref: ICIQ-SCP



Mónica H. Pérez-Temprano among the “Talented 12” in chemical research