Chromatography, Thermal Analysis, Electrochemistry 

Unit Manager

Simona Curreli

Unit Technicians

Maria José Hueso Estornell / Marta Serrano / Meritxell Díaz


As the chart shows, the number of samples analyzed has been more or less stable in the last three years. We observe a decrease in SFC samples, due to some changes in the researcher’s needs.

CHROMTAE: Samples Analized by Unit Staff


  1. LC/SFC chiral separations: how to face the problem and develop a successful method; Pilar Franco-Chiral Technologies, (4 h, 27th May).

  2. “Chromatography, Thermal Analysis and Electrochemistry Unit: what can we offer?” Simona Curreli (1h, 13th June)


  1. Simona Curreli participates in the “Bojos per la Química” programme.