X-Ray Diffraction Unit

Unit Manager:

Dr. Jordi Benet-Buchholz

Laboratory Manager:

Dr. Eduardo Escudero

Unit Technician:

Dr. Marta Martínez


In the following charts you can see the evolution of the Unit in terms of samples managed in both techniques, single crystal and powder diffraction:

Single Crystal and Power Diffraction

In 2019, the Unit was involved in Neutron Diffraction Measurements at the ILL in Grenoble.

A proposal for the measurement of pharmaceutical co-crystals using Neutron diffraction at the ILL, was granted. The measurement should be performed in 2020. This project aims to explore hydrogen bonds in co-crystal and salt interactions of pharmaceutical salts/co-crystals formed by two APIs, which were crystallized with the CO2 laser at the X-ray Diffraction Unit.

The expertise of the X-ray Diffraction Unit preparing highly sensitive samples was successfully applied in 2019 for different samples prepared by ICIQ researchers.

On June 26th 2019 the X-ray Diffraction Unit organized the Meeting of X-ray Diffraction Technicians and X-ray Diffraction Unit Managers. On June 27th the X-ray Diffraction Unit organized the Workshop: Beyond Standard Diffraction and Crystallization Techniques with several invited speakers.


  1. Talk “Chirality in Pharmaceutical Compounds and Absolute Configuration Determination” in the Workshop “Crystallization: Screening, Application & Process Development” organized by the company Technobis and Crysforma (Barcelona); Dr. Jordi Benet, April 2019.

  2. Talk “Crystallization protocol to obtain single crystals” and “Manipulation and selection of single crystals”, NOAH School, ICIQ; Dr. Jordi Benet, May 2019.

  3. “Solid state characterization of pharmaceuticals” and “Crystallization Theory & Methodology” Viroflow Project workshop; Dr. Jordi Benet, May 2019.

  4. Seminar “Pharmaceutical Co-Crystals: New developments using the “in situ” crystallization with a CO2-laser” MISCA (Spanish/Italian Crystallography Meeting), Naples; Dr. Jordi Benet, September 2019.

  5. Teacher in the IX School of Crystallography and Single Crystal X-ray Diffraction in Jaca.

  6. “Pharmaceutical Co-Crystals: New developments using the “in situ” crystallization with a CO2-laser”, Rigaku User’s Meeting (Frankfurt); Dr. Jordi Benet, September 2019.

  7. Talk “Limit of Detection of Pharmaceutical Polymorphs: Where are the Limits?”, German Meeting of Pharmaceutical Companies organized at BASF-Ludwigshafen, giving the talk: Dr. Jordi Benet, October 2019.


  1. Dr. Jordi Benet participates in the “Bojos per la Química” programme.