ERC Consolidator Grant awarded to Marcos García Suero

The European Research Council (ERC) has awarded Dr. Marcos García Suero, Group Leader of the CELLEX-ICIQ Starting Career Programme, with a 2 M € ERC Consolidator Grant to develop the project “New Carbon Reactivity Rules for Molecular Editing” (CARBYNE).


The CARBYNE project aims to develop new carbyne-based catalytic strategies to achieve unprecedented transformations able to reach a chemical space difficult to imagine by current methodologies. From 2014, G. Suero´s research group is developing new catalytic C−H & C−C functionalization strategies for chemical synthesis, pioneering the generation of carbyne equivalents and metal-carbynoids by using photoredox or transition-metal catalysis. With the ERC grant, G. Suero aims to expand the number of applications of these reactive species and to solve important synthetic problems, which may be of utility in drug, agrochemical and functional material discovery.

Generating carbyne equivalents with photoredox catalysis
Z. Wang, A.G. Herraiz, A.M. del Hoyo, M.G. Suero.
Nature 2018, DOI: 10.1038/nature25185